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Roots Medical-A Functional Medical Practice Located in Centennial, CO Our Address is 6091 S Quebec St #200 Centennial, CO 80111 Our primary focus and practice goal is "getting to the Root of your health care concerns." Through the use of supplements, lifestyle improvements and nutrition we can minimize the dependency of prescription drugs. We have tremendous success with patients managing Hormones, Thyroid, Gut Health and Nutrition using comprehensive and affordable lab work. Schedule your Annual Visit Today!
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When Roots Medical opens its doors for business in 2014, our primary focus and company goal will be "getting to the Root of your health care concerns." We generally take an integrative view of the body and health, treating physical symptoms as signals from a complex, interconnected sytstem rather than as isolated malfunctions. Through our comprehensive intake process, we identify the source of your health ailment and formulate a plan that gets you back to the quality of life you deserve. Our philosophy, 'better health is possible' is something we live by at Roots Medical and together we can achieve that. At Roots Medical we focus on the 3 spectrums of health; Physical, Emotional and Nutritional. It is our belief that a healthy balance between these three is the key to great and sustainable health. Our providers hold a distinct advantage over most medical practices in that we do not limit ourselves to just the traditional methods of medicine
  • 6091 S Quebec St #200
  • Centennial
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